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Snohvit LNG Plant

Randridge were contracted by Aibel to complete the E&I scope of works on the Snøhvit LNG plant on Melkøya Island, Hammerfest, Norway






€28 million



Off the Norway Coast


Project Location

Randridge worked on the construction of the Snøhvit LNG refining and storage terminals facility on Melkøya Island 8km off the coast of Hammerfest in Norway. After construction Randridge worked on the maintenance training and handover and spent a total of 7 years working on this site.

This project showcases Randridge capabilities of working in harsh environments and remote locations. During the winter the temperatures can drop in this region to -50 degrees Celsius and there is 24-hour darkness. In the summertime, the 24-hour brightness also poses a challenge to working in these conditions. Randridge set up a 2/2 rotation system to deal with the challenge of working here.

The location also proved a challenge in terms of getting to the project site. With personnel travelling to Oslo first and then on to Hammerfest and then by ferry to the Snøhvit LNG site. In winter when the sea froze, we would transport our personnel by bus. Randridge were acknowledged for our commitment to safety while working on the Snøhvit site with all of the safety challenge that the project presented. 

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