Our Expertise

Operations and Maintenance

Randridge have a strong track record in the execution of operations and maintenance projects for clients internationally through the provision of technical personnel, maintenance engineering and management

Key Capabilities

Management and execution of all routine and non-routine systems maintenance, preventative maintenance planning, general turnaround, safeguarding procedures, inventory control, and emergency and breakdown maintenance


We provide facilities management, project management, building management, and total resourcing of manpower and equipment. The full range of contract disciplines is available, particularly within the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation and telecommunication fields.

Randridge Approach

Our approach to contract maintenance services is the provision of technologically advanced and quality driven systems using skilled specialist personnel. With the increasing trend towards outsourcing maintenance functions, we are positioned to develop alliance relationships with our clients. All maintenance activities executed by our project teams are rigorously planned using computerised maintenance management systems software.