Teesside: Collective Housekeeping Exercise

Randridge have participated in a collective onsite housekeeping exercise at the Teesside project.

We elected three representatives (Apprentice/Electrician/Electrical Chargehand) to collect litter/waste material/debri across the entire site, alongside representatives from other subcontractors contracted here as well as the client.

The exercise was successful and the site is looking a lot tidier. It is also safer as a direct result due to the removal of many trip hazards.

T├ęcnicas Reunidas (client) thanked the men involved for their efforts and commented on the high standard of work/attitude shown. In appreciation, the client awarded each of our men with meal vouchers.

Further to this, we have also presented each Randridge representative with an Irazola 7-piece screwdiver set (electrically insulated) provided by our local supplier Teesside Industrial Supplies.

Like the client, we thought that the team demonstrated positive/proactive attitude in participation and did a great job collectively.

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