Statement,  Charlie Quinn  CEO Randridge Group: 

The Randridge Group is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of the Don O’Malley and Partners Design, Engineering and Consultancy Business.  

Over the past number of years , Randridge has transitioned to become a leading-edge supplier of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation services to the Energy, Petrochemical and Heavy Industries across Europe, Africa and the Caspian regions. Renowned for delivering excellent quality in construction, we now have an opportunity to expand our service to include quality engineering services,  

Don O’Malley & Partners have earned since 1967 an outstanding reputation of providing professional engineering services and high quality design in the construction industry and is one of Irelands leading Consulting Engineering Practises dealing primarily in Mechanical and Electrical design services.

This acquisition enhances further the proposition we can make to our prospective Clients and brings us one step closer to achieving  our objectives to provide  complete turnkey solutions to meet our client’s needs. It is clear that the environment and carbon emissions will be key drivers in the coming years. This creates an opportunity for Randridge to explore projects in Renewables (Wind/Solar), Battery & Energy Storage and CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage). This acquisition makes possible the acceleration of our growth trajectory in these areas.  

We welcome the Staff of Don O’Malley to the Randridge team and look forward to integrating our business models to achieve a greater success, by offering an enhanced service to clients over the coming months and years. The joint effort and enhanced offer will allow us to scale up ,grow both business and look at bigger more challenging projects further ensuring stable and secure long-term employment. 

Statement, Liam Kavanagh   Managing Partner Don O Malley and Ptns:

Indeed this is a wonderful opportunity for both companies to embrace one another’s expertise and open exciting new horizons and opportunities across a broad spectrum of engineering design and construction. With combined knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm we can bring added value to a range of clients, by providing engineering design and build solutions under the one umbrella. Together, we can offer our clients new innovative and sustainable design solutions that will have a positive effect on our environment by reducing carbon emissions. We look forward to working together as a team and meeting new challenges in the Built Environment.


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