We are very delighted to announce that Randridge has been awarded 2 significant project during this past week.

The first of these is a project for Shell on their Pernis Refinery which is a combination of a Carbon Capture and storage and Biofuel manufacturing facility. This is a significant project for Shell in order to meet their decarbonisation targets over the next five  years & we have successfully secured the IBSL2 (PTU) portion of the work which is in the region of 200000 man hours. 

The second project is the expansion of a Fertilizer Manufacturing facility in Denmark called the “Bixlozone Project”. This project is located in Ronland, Denmark and again is significant in being the first large project with both clients, FMC and Technip. This is FMC’s largest current project and is being viewed by them as strategically important, which is why they wanted a company with a proven track record to carry out the works. The work will involve 120000 manhours of electrical and instrumentation work. 

Well done to the Business Development & Tendering Team for your huge input. 

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